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Community Education and Awareness

They have framed a community resolution which will be presented for consideration and, hopefully, passed on to various governmental and civic bodies.

They have hosted, and are planning to host in the future, community "OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts: Communicating Respectfully in a Diverse World" training sessions.

They have arranged with various community groups for us to make presentations concering of goals and work, encouraging others to join in our efforts.


They have put together an impressive collection of resource materials to be distributed to those immigrant individuals and families who might be targeted by the government for deportation. These materials advise them on how to deal with complex issues they may need to address and provide several resources to which they can turn for assistance.

Resources and Data Collection

They have designed a Hate Incident Report Form and have been compiling a collection of such reported incidents.

They are in the process of compiling a list of various community resources to which victims can turn for help and support.

School Safety

They are reaching out to the various community school districts in otder to enter into productive dialogue about the growing problem of hate incidents faced by the students who are members of targeted groups, and how we can partner with their districts in addressing these problems.

They are presenting to school districts a model program of school based Diversity Clubs, first introduced in the Bettendorf Middle School and created by concerned students in that school. It is hoped that this model can be replicated in schools throughout the Quad Cities.