Resources and Data Collection

Reverend Richard Hendricks speaking at a podium
March 26th, 2017 - Rev. Richard Hendricks participating at the Progressive Action for the Common Good (PCAG) Taking Action 101: Simple Ways You Can Change Your World.

Our Purpose

This group seeks to collect data of incidents of hate that occur in the greater Quad Cities area. A hate incident is an act of intimidation or harassment that targets an individual or group on the basis of their immutable characteristics. Incidents may or may not be crimes per se, hence why we are tracking "hate incidents." Our report form is adapted from one used by the Southern Poverty Law Center and our incidents will also be reported to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Victims, witnesses, or third parties can access a form here to report a hate incident.

The group also seeks to provide assistance to victims of hate incidents by connecting them to necessary resources. To aid in this task, OHFQCA is partnering with United Way's 211 information service. Persons can call 211 from any form and reach a live operator who can connect them with local resources such as those offered by Family Resources, Inc. Organizations providing assistance are encouraged to fill out a 211 form and to be sure to life "One Human Family QCA" as one of their reference tags. The 211 form can be accessed here.

Here is an excellent resource about intervening when observing someone being targeted by hate:

What is a hate incident?

Any action taken by someone involving assault, name-calling, threats, harassment, vandalism / destruction of property, or exclusion of another person based on the latter's individual age, sex, class, creed, skin color, ethnicity, nationality, race, sexual orientation, or disability.

For more information about fighting hate:

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a national organization dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seek justice for the most vulnerable members of our society. We collect data locally and report hate incidents to the SPLC.

To learn more about SPLE, log on to the SPLCenter website.

For free and confidential information and referral services:

OHFQCA seeks to help connect victims of hate with the resources they need. Local and regional resources offer help through the United Way of the Quad Cities Area 211 information line.

Simply dial 211 (or 563-355-9900) if you are looking for help with childcare, food, rent, or utility assistance or if you have any other health and human service need.

If you are a nonprofit organization seeking to be listed with 211, call or contact United Way of the Quad Cities Area at 563-355-4310 or log on to the United Way website.