Community Education and Awareness

Our Purpose

This group works in the large Quad Cities Community actively promoting and implementing One Human Family's Mission Statement.

Currently we are working on four projects to make this happen:

  1. Welcome Neighbor signs (seen elsewhere) - We are taking donations of $10 average each to cover the costs of the signs, sponsor lists, and distribution. There are many who can't donate that much but that level allows them to get signs anyway. The signs have been written about in the media and are appearing all over the QCA, along with the Boston area, Monmouth, IL, Des Moines, Iowa City, Muscatine, Clinton, and Burlington, Iowa. Signs may be picked up at SIS International, 108 E. Second Street in Davenport (please use cash or check only), or you can contact us at 563.594.4480
    Lawn sign that welcomes neighbors in Spanish, English, and Arabic
  2. Ouch! Training - This is a two hour program providing people with the skills to respectfully and successfully confront hate speech. We know that too often, those who make disparaging comments about varied groups are not informed that we don't appreciate the treatment. The speaker can end up feeling like it's acceptable when it's not. This training is conducted by Iowa State University for a small fee to cover the cost of the materials and staff time. If you have a group you'd like to have the Ouch! Training presented, please contact us at 563.594.4480
    A poster for Ouch training sessions conducted by Iowa State University
  3. Welcoming Resolutions - We have created a resolution affirming local communities as safe, welcoming, and supportive of their diversity. These resolutions will be submitted to city councils, school committees, and county boards for passage. If you can help in your community, please contact us at 563.594.4480
    Downloadable resolution form for organizations who welcome diversity
  4. One Human Family QCA speakers bureau - If you would like a member of our group to speak about our work to your organization, please contact Rabbi Henry Karp at

Do you have other ideas we may want to embrace? Would you like to join our efforts? We'd love your input! Contact Rabbi Henry Karp at